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We want to provoke authentic thought in children that can be turned into action. Our goal is to create tools and strategies to help parents and teachers tap into a child's potential. Through our site we offer courses from various content providers to meet the needs of your child or student. Listed below are 27 types of interactive activities that are utilized for learning in the ecosystem.


  1. Interactive Video
  2. Audio Recorder
  3. Arithmetic Quiz
  4. Essay
  5. Fill in the Blanks
  6. Column
  7. Course Presentation
  8. Dialog Cards
  9. Dictation
  10. Documentation Tool
  11. Find Multiple Hotspots
  12. Drag the Words
  13. Drag and Drop
  14. Find the Hotspot
  15. Flashcards
  16. Image Sequencing
  17. Image pairing
  18. Mark the Words
  19. Memory Game
  20. Multiple Choice
  21. Personality Quiz
  22. Questionnaire
  23. Quiz (Question Set)
  24. Single Choice Set
  25. Summary
  26. Timeline
  27. True/False Question
  28. Advanced fill the blanks


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To impart skill. To provide knowledge. TEACH IT!.

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