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The Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) Framework is a critical tool in instructional design. An educator’s knowledge base within each area will dictate the quality of instruction they can design and deliver. 

Analyzing the Problem - reflect on current instructional practices and consider why it has not produced the outcome you envision for the student learning.  Through the use of TEACH IT's TPACK toolbox we will help you understand:

  • Context: Develop the image of the learning environment you work within: the students you teach, the classroom resources available, the time allotted, and any advantages or limitations given by your context.
  • Content: When considering what it is that you want students to learn, evaluate which are the challenging concepts or big ideas? Reflect on prior knowledge and assess the strength of this foundation for new learning. Are there any misconceptions, which interfere with their ability to connect the further information properly?
  • Pedagogy: Consider the content you wish for students to learn and evaluate the pedagogical approach you have used in the past and whether it is the best choice.  Consider the instructional strategies implemented to support the learning and their value in developing understanding. What practices need refined?
  • Technology: What tools have you previously used to support the development of content knowledge and the pedagogical approach to learning? Conclude any drawbacks to the resources you used for instruction and cross-reference this with the strengths of the tools applied. Consider how technology could transform the learning experience you are trying to provide.

After identifying your problem of practice and completing an initial analysis to determine your targeted learning outcome for students, we will help you develop a transformed learning experience for your students. We will utilize Design Thinking model to evaluate their problem of practice from each aspect of the TPACK framework and gather the information you need to develop the best learning experience for students.​

  • Empathizing: Digging deeper with your community members to understand their concerns, needs, and aspirations. We will come to understand the context of the classroom and the nature of the content they wish for their students to understand.
  • Define: The analysis provided reflects on each area of the TPACK framework and provides examples of where improvements could be made. Our job as the consultant is to define where the actual problem lies. ​
  • Ideate: Based on the problem identified and the transformational goal, we will ideate different TPACK solutions for the challenge when considering the context and pedagogical needs. Our TPACK solution should bring learning opportunities that were not possible before.
  • Prototype & Test: TEACH IT. One of the most significant failures in implementing technology in the classroom is the assumption that you know how a tool works and that it will meet all your expectations. We will use this phase to narrow our recommendation down to the solution which provides the best learning outcome for students.

 If you want more information on how your organization's TPACK maybe impacting the services you are offering to students contact us at info@teachit.education. Get in touch today!

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